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  • Full septic tank service (emptying, cleaning, installation)
  • Complete drain and sewer services
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For blocked drains and drain repairs in the North East region right across Teesside, South Durham and Cleveland, our Stockton-on-Tees depot has everything you need to get your drains unblocked quickly and cost-effectively, 24-hours a day, 52-weeks a year. 

With well-trained and obliging engineers and the most advanced drain unblocking and drain clearing equipment, you will find our Stockton team ready and willing to help, whatever your drainage problem. 

National Contracts

Operating right across the UK means that we have national contracts in all market sectors, some of which involve operations in and around the Stockton area, like TATA Steel, for instance.


When it comes to heavy industry, this is the real deal, and TATA sites require attention from Lanes to keep drainage systems clean and flowing and to maintain process pipework.

On top of our usual specialist plant and equipment, we bring in our heavy duty DISAB vacuumation unit to make short work of shifting anything that might block sewers. It’s a pretty nifty number, which we originally added to our plant options for added muscle.

Also in the North East, Her Majesty’s Prison Service relies on our expertise to handle everything from emergency blocked drain response to remedial drain repair work. And through our national Ministry of Defence contract, we carry out drainage work at MOD sites around the North East region too.

Regional Commerce

Until the industrial revolution, Stockton on Tees was a quiet North East market town. Later, with iron making and engineering, the advent of the Stockton and Darlington railway and the rise of the chemical industries, it became a flourishing centre of industry.  


Shipbuilding prospered, alongside small scale trades like brick, sail and rope making. Stockton was also an important port, exporting agricultural produce and lead.

Those days may be behind us, but there are still companies attracting global investment and jobs to the area. One such operator is leading industrial energy, utilities and emergency response services provider, SembCorp, which occupies a former ICI site, and looks to Lanes to maintain the drainage system on its five square mile base at Wilton.

One section of drainage running from the chemical plant to the main drainage system had caused problems for a number of years until Lanes came up with a solution. In a new technique combining high pressure and high volume jetting, we cleared out many years' worth of calcium and carbon deposits, much to the client’s delight.

Back in the 1900s, the discovery of iron ore in the Eston Hills resulted in blast furnaces lining the River Tees from Stockton to the river's mouth. Today, in an on-going project for Carillion’s joint venture with Sir Robert McAlpine, Lanes is cleaning out the culverts leading from an old iron mine, using a combination of jet vacs, high pressure units and CCTV camera equipment.

In the public sector, Lanes works for Middlesbrough Council looking after drains at schools and colleges in the North East. That includes Teesside University, with whom we have a direct contract providing a variety of services, including excavation, CCTV and jet vac work.

The biggest proportion relies on what we call our van packs. These are equipped with happy engineers, basic camera units and clearing kit and, nine times out of ten, they will solve drainage blockages without the need to roll out any of the ‘big guns’ in our plant arsenal.

These guys do a top job tending to drains for our social housing clients too. Organisations like Erimus and Endeavour need a reliable drainage partner to make sure their tenants are looked after properly. And who better than Lanes for Drains?

Local Household

For drain unblocking and repair to private domestic sewers in the Teesside region, Lanes does it all, with a fast, effective, local, emergency service.


Homebuyers' CCTV Drainage Surveys

Buying a new home is a big commitment and, obviously, you need to know that it’s a sound one. Your first step is usually a homebuyer’s survey, to make sure there aren’t going to be any costly surprises round the corner. But have you given a thought to drains?

Some of the pipes will be your responsibility as a homeowner. Drains can be affected by ground movement, root ingress, blockages and pipe collapses. And it may happen underground, but if there’s a problem, there can be major consequences above ground. Believe us. We see it every day.

That’s why it’s a good idea to know what you’re taking on, with a homebuyer’s CCTV drainage survey from Lanes. Using advanced camera technology, our technicians will examine the system carefully and provide a full written report, DVD — and peace of mind.

From our Stockton depot, we look after homebuyers in the Darlington and Cleveland postcode areas, along with much of North Yorkshire. To find out more, call 01642 634 446, or fill in the enquiry form (right) and we’ll call you.

To find out which blocked drains you are responsible for, check out the changes to sewer and drain ownership following the Water Industry (Schemes for Adoption of Private Sewers Regulations 2011). After that, Lanes is all you need to know!

Though the days of intensive heavy industry in the area have long gone, the North East still plays its part in many traditional sectors and has established itself as a key region in emerging ones. Renewable energy, low carbon vehicle production, digital technologies and biotechnology are thriving, alongside chemical and petrochemical complexes, automotive manufacturing and engineering. As you might expect, Lanes has clients across all sectors. So when it comes to drains, from septic tanks and waste disposal to unblocks, excavation, surveying and remedial services, Lanes has it covered.

We’re very proud of the fact that we have a great reputation for looking after our customers. And we offer the same prompt, 24/7, professional service to all our clients, big or small. But we’re always looking to improve. So, to promote what we like to call our ‘culture of excellence’, we’ve created the UK’s first City & Guilds' course for our drainage engineers, which reinforces our commitment to customer service and health and safety, as well as practical and technical skills. It’s the country’s first official drainage qualification.

In the North East and looking for a great local drainage specialist? Simply call our Stockton-on-Tees’ team on 01642 634 446.


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Areas Covered

Lanes provides a fast, round-the-clock emergency call out service for drain unblocking in Stockton-on-Tees and beyond. From a base just a hop away from Middlesbrough, our emergency response crews are perfectly placed to tackle blocked drains in Darlington, Hartlepool, Durham, Guisborough, Redcar, Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees — and everywhere in between.


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