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Let’s do exciting sewer work without the emergencies


Louise Paterson has spent a lot of her working life at the sharp end of delivering customer service. For 10 years, she worked in a police emergency call centre. Now, as head of operations in the customer solutions centre (CSC), the nerve centre of Thames Water’s wastewater maintenance operation, she is doing her best to…

Is it a record? Lanes creates wheelie big manhole


Drainage engineers at Lanes Group plc never tire of helping clients – especially if they get the chance to install the UK’s largest manhole. When the leading tyre service ATS Euromaster called to say it needed to replace a grill over a storm drain at one of its depots, Lanes quickly offered to help. The…

Septic tank operators urged to make regulation checks


New regulations for discharging wastewater from septic tanks have now come into force – and householders and businesses that fall foul of them risk heavy financial penalties or even criminal prosecution. Since January 1st 2020, the regulations, called General Binding Rules: Small Sewage Discharge to the Ground, have not allowed wastewater  from a standard septic…

Water jetting pioneer Bill Crompton dies aged 90


Bill Crompton, described as one of the pioneers of the water jetting industry in the UK, has died at the age of 90. Bill founded Waterblast Ltd in 1973 and co-founded Neolith Pumps London Ltd in 1986 with his son, Bruce, and Allan Earnshaw. He went on to work as a consultant with Lanes for…

Bill Crompton