Surface Water News

Lanes completes drainage maintenance at Shetland power station


Lanes Group has completed a three week programme of drainage maintenance at the Shetland Islands’ main power station. The work at Lerwick Power Station, run by Scottish Southern Energy (SSE), included a comprehensive CCTV drainage survey of the site, drainage jetting and pipe patch lining. A team of eight drainage engineers from Lanes Group’s Aberdeen depot travelled by…

Interceptors Unplugged


Surface water drains, including land drains and most road drains, are designed to carry only uncontaminated rainwater to a local river, stream or soakaway. Run-off which is contaminated by silt, chemicals or oil, could pollute the watercourse. That’s why interceptors, also called oil separators, are fitted to surface water drainage systems — to protect the…

Surface Water Drainage Maintenance


Surface water drainage is taken for granted. We expect all those grates and gulleys to cope with anything, right? Even when we don’t bother to make sure they’re capable of taking the strain. And it’s not hard to see how drains become clogged — general silt and debris such as leaf mulch will quickly block…