Wildlife News

Lanes Group goes the extra half mile for badgers


Lanes Group drainage engineers have carried out a pipe cleaning project with the longest jetting hose they have ever deployed – and all to help badgers cross the road. The Lanes team based in Derby was handed the challenge of cleaning a badger tunnel under the A46 in Nottinghamshire after it became completed blocked by…

Longest Jetting Hose

Lanes engineers visit the seals for aquarium clean


Lanes Group drainage engineers have cleaned a seal enclosure at an aquarium while being watched by those who have had a vested interest in the quality of their work – the seals themselves. The seals remained in their Seal Cove home at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, while the team based…

Seal in Aquarium

Lanes Group backs marine campaigners on disposable wipe problem


Lanes Group is backing calls by the Marine Conservation Society for people to not flush disposable wipes down the toilet. The society’s plea came as it published figures which showed the number of disposable wipes found in rubbish on Britain’s beaches has increased by 50% in the last year. Rubbish on UK coasts rose by…

Disposable Wipes Blocking Drains

Lanes cross connection search solves pollution problem in hidden river


Lanes Group drainage engineers have helped solve a pollution problem in one of the UK’s most famous rivers where it was hidden from view under a shopping centre. They were called in to search for the source of raw sewage coming from a surface water drain after it was spotted by construction workers. The sewage…

River Mersey underpass in Stockport

Operation Ferret


The engineers from Lanes have found some weird and wonderful things in drains, but a team from the East Midlands depot were surprised to come face to face with a friendly ferret whilst on a routine cleanse and survey project. The furry pet appeared as they had finished jetting the drain and were preparing to…

Ferret in drain