Highway gully cleaning and surveying

Project challenge

Road surfacing contractors are increasingly keen to ensure they can show that their asphalting operations do not cause blockages in highway drains. With weather conditions becoming more volatile, and flash flooding of increasing concern to road users, local authorities are demanding additional assurance that roadside gullies are kept clear. To meet this challenge, Tarmac has commissioned Lanes Group plc to use its specialist drainage technology to inspect drains and clear them of debris after road surfacing operations.

Client comment

“The increased volatility of weather in recent years has played a significant role in the need to build in additional flood resilience into our highway maintenance work, and Lanes has the capabilities we need to ensure drain lines are clear after resurfacing works have been carried out.”
Francisco Po, Tarmac Contracting | Project Co-ordinator

Project implementation

Lanes works closely with Tarmac in Cheshire as it carries out road resurfacing for the local authority boroughs of Warrington and Halton. CCTV drainage surveys are completed before and after the resurfacing work is carried out.
If the post-works surveys show that debris from the surfacing process has fallen into highway drainage lines, Tarmac can commission Lanes to send a jet vac tanker team to remove it.
Where necessary, Lanes will deploy one of its recycler jet vac tankers. These advanced vehicles can filter and reuse jetting water. This allows the jet vac tanker to stay on station for longer without emptying waste from the tank and taking on fresh water.
Lanes recycler jet vac trucks are 68% more productive than standard tankers, increasing their cost-effectiveness.
By reducing the amount of water and fuel used, and carbon emissions generated, Lanes recyclers are also more sustainable, which is a key benefit for most local authority and corporate clients.


• All highway gully CCTV drainage survey and cleaning work is carried out in a timely way.
• A fast-track reporting system ensures Tarmac gets all survey reports as quickly as possible.
• Local authorities are assured that highway drains are maintained to a high standard, increasing flood resilience.
• Risk of contract penalties triggered by drain blockages are minimised.