Highway pipe clean

ld21793_morfa_v4Project challenge

Construction firm T Richard Jones faced a difficult drainage problem while building the 1.7km-long Morfa distributor road from Swansea’s Liberty Station to New Cut Road. It had to clear 100 tonnes of silt from a storm drain but feared the work could delay construction and prove costly. Lanes Group overcame those risks by deploying one of its powerful recycler jet vac tankers. The machines have enhanced capabilities, so the culvert could be cleared within the shortest possible timeframe.

The project

The 200m-long storm drain, which is between 600mm and 900mm in diameter, was due to be connected to the surface water drainage system for the new road.

The pipe was up to 80 per cent full of silt, so it has to be cleansed to ensure it could take the additional water flow generated by the new road.

T Richard Jones turned to Lanes Group after an attempt by another contractor to clear the pipe had failed.

Lanes used a JHL Superflex 414 recycling jet vac tanker – one of the most powerful specialist drainage vehicles of its kind. With its enhanced jetting and vacuumation performance, the machine cleared the pipe in 10 days.

Lanes Group has one of the largest fleet of recycling jet vac tankers in the UK. The machines deliver two key benefits. The first is more powerful jetting and vacuumation performance. The second is the ability to filter and reuse water. This allows our recycling jet vac tankers to stay on station for longer before having to leave refill with water or go to a disposal site to empty waste.

They can tackle the toughest blockage and desilting tasks more productively, in the shortest possible time, while delivering cost savings to the client, and using less water and fuel, so enhancing sustainability

Client benefits

• Access to the most advanced and capable jetting and vacuumation technology in the UK
• Clearance of 100 tonnes of silt and debris from a 200m-long and 600m diameter storm drain in 10 days
• This performance helped ensure the highway construction project stayed on schedule and on budget
• Cost-savings passed on to the client and improved sustainability
• Highest standards of professionalism and safety.

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