Unblocking a Drain Yourself

Sometimes blockages are easily accessible and therefore rectifiable using the steps below. Others are too far into the system for you to feasibly access, let alone remove yourself.

First steps

A plunger can remove most smaller blockages, as can an appropriately gloved hand up the pipe. Removing the U-bend, if accessible, and cleaning it is also very effective in most cases. For more specific advice about unblocking sinks and toilets in particular, we have dedicated advice pages to point commercial customers in the right direction.

Outdoor drains

Problems with outdoor drain are more complicated to fix without Lanes’ assistance. If the problem is with a sewage pipe outside of the boundary of your premises, then this will be the responsibility of the local water and sewage company to fix, however if the problem falls within your property, you will be responsible for it. Manhole covers and sewage pipes can be dangerous, so don’t hesitate to draft in the support of Lanes, and our sewer inspection, renovation and repair services in these cases.

If the steps above do not fix your issue, you will undoubtedly need the input of professionals. Call 0800 526 488 or fill out our simple contact form to send a dedicated team of Lanes engineers out to your business to investigate and resolve any drainage problems you are facing, no matter how small.

If you’d rather speak to someone right away, call our 24/7 team on 0800 526 488.

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