Highway interceptor emptying prepares for winter weather


Drainage engineers have cleaned highway interceptors on the A30 in Cornwall as part of a planned maintenance programme designed to reduce the risk of flooding during heavy rain.

The teams based at Lanes Group plc’s depot in Plymouth, Devon, have been carrying out the work on the trunk road near Launceston on behalf of Ringway, Highway England’s maintenance and response contractor.

Jason Webster, Area Development Manager for Lanes in South West England, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Ringway in carrying out this very important highway drainage maintenance work.

“Highway interceptors are key elements of the highway drainage system. They collect potentially polluting debris and oil residues washed from the road surface, preventing them from entering adjacent water courses.

“They also need to be kept clear to ensure highway drainage pipes do not become blocked, which would prevent rain water from draining from the road surface, increasing the risk of flooding.

“This undermines road safety, which is both Ringway’s and Highway England’s primary concern, and, over time, can cause structural damage that increases highway maintenance costs.”

Preventing water from standing on highways or in pipes is particularly critical in winter months, when freezing temperatures can result in expanding ice causing pipe damage and pot holing of the road surface.

Lanes teams have been using a jet vac tanker to empty and clean 16 highway drainage interceptors during a two-month works programme. All waste collected has been taken to an authorised disposal site.

The drainage engineers carrying out the work also carry out a visual inspection of each interceptor to compile an asset condition report for Ringway to support its ongoing maintenance programme.

Lanes teams are highly-experienced at carrying out a range of highway drainage maintenance services, including gully cleaning, highway culvert cleaning, and highway drain repair and rehabilitation, including lining.

Jason Webster said: “Being able to respond quickly and flexibly with the right specialist equipment, the highest safety standards, while coordinating our activities with those of other highways contractors, is central to our approach.”

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