Lanes handles tall order at Canary Wharf

Doing it across a site with 33 buildings, over 200 shops, bars and restaurants in 4 retail malls; a conference centre; 2 railway stations; an underground station; car parks; 20 acres of landscaped spaces; and a working population of more than 93,000 people, takes all that — and a bit more besides.

That’s why Canary Wharf Group plc chose Lanes for Drains, the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist, as drainage maintenance contractor for London’s newest business and banking centre which includes the tallest building in Britain at 244-metres high.

Kevin Moore of Lanes’ London depot says that maintaining the drains on a site spanning 97 acres is no mean feat, but size doesn’t deter Lanes:

“The first programme took almost 3 weeks because all the work, which includes cleaning and CCTV camera surveying all the surface and foul water systems, has to be completed out of normal working hours.

“It might be a tall order for some, but we see it as a real opportunity to show our technical, physical and logistical capabilities.”

Kevin goes on to explain how the contract came about:

“We were doing some relining work for McNicholas plc, who constructed the Canary Wharf South infrastructure including the sewers. Canary Wharf’s infrastructure manager, John Filmer, was overseeing the works that weekend and came over to find out more about Lanes. After that he suggested we quote for the annual maintenance contract when it came up for renewal. So we did — and won!”

John Filmer is confident that Lanes was the right choice:

“I realised that it was a highly professional set up when I saw the team working that day. The guys were very efficient — and certainly knew what they were doing. Then when Lanes submitted the tender that added up too. It wasn’t just one thing, I was impressed by the whole Lanes package.”

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