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Lanes Group employee conducting an inspection of a drain using CCTV technologyDiagnosing Drains, Sewers and Pipes

Step one to solving a drainage problem is knowing what you’re dealing with.

At Lanes, we’re experts when it comes to inspecting drains, sewers, and pipes, and we’re fully equipped with the right technology and people to:

  • Diagnose a drainage problem
  • And identify the solutions needed to get things back in motion.

Drainage and piping issues can be hard to identify. Often pipe weaknesses and damage can happen further down the system where it’s hard to see and access. Using CCTV technology, Lanes’ experts can survey the pipe system for areas of concern and get to the route of the problem fast – whether you’re needing help domestically or on behalf of a business.


How Does a Drain Inspection Work?

Using advanced CCTV technology, we can inspect the internal structure of the pipe and get a proper look at what is going on in those hard to reach places. With a clearer image of the problem areas, we can identify any issues, their severity, as well as data one the general health of your drainage system, all of which will help us to identify the most practical course of action.

360 degrees with Panoramo

The Panoramo 3D Optoscanner surveys the full 360 degrees of a drain or sewer, so it sees and records every millimetre of the pipe at one pass. Travelling at up to 35cm per second, Panoramo takes thousands of photos which the software joins together to give a 3D view of the inner pipe.

That means the viewer is not limited to only seeing what the CCTV operator chose to record, but can navigate the drain or sewer at their own speed as if it were real-time through the recorded footage. Using Panoramo like a virtual camera, you can pan, rotate, stop, turn full circle, zoom, capture images, measure distance – even produce an unfolded view of the pipe’s inner surface.

LISY for Lateral

Designed for surveying lateral drains, sewers, and pipes, the LISY sat cam is quick and cost effective because it works from the mainline sewer or drain without the need to access each property. LISY will travel along a mainline sewer for up to 100-metres: when it comes to a blind lateral it deploys the satellite camera (sat cam) to survey 33-metres up that branch connection. LISY is especially in demand amongst water companies whose remit includes private sewers and laterals that used to be the responsibility of the property owner.

The LISY lateral surveying camera and its partner, the 360 degree Panoramo, offer a choice of survey formats.

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Why Choose Lanes Group

By selecting Lanes for your drain and manhole inspection needs, you will receive an industry-leading service from the UK’s biggest privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor.

At Lanes, we have been delivering drain inspection and repair services across the UK for around 30 years and have an expansive network of depots and local teams around the country. We can be contacted 24/7 to arrange reactive or planned maintenance work, whenever or wherever we are needed.

With this 360-degree camera technology and our advanced sonde and trace techniques, we can produce high-quality visual data that engineers could only dream of even only a few years ago. This gives us a clear picture of your drain problem and ensures that we are able to find the most efficient solution possible.

Fully Accredited Drain Inspection

For commercial customers, we offer a full consultancy service for organisations aiming to meet Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Guidance (IPPC) and achieve or maintain ISO 14001 status.

The breadth of report formats we offer is a result of our continued investment in resources and technology. It also shows that we tailor our service to deliver what each client needs. Current formats include:

Example STC25 Manhole Card PDF

Laser Profiling Analysis PDF

Laser Profiling Observations PDF

Laser Profiling Summary PDF

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Engineer in pink high visibility vest

With a nationwide network of depots, we are never far away when you need us the most. No location is too isolated, and each team at every depot is as experienced and knowledgeable as any other Lanes team.

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