Lanes Group employee conducting an inspection of a drain using CCTV technologyDiagnosing drains, sewers and pipes.

Identifying blockages is relatively straightforward, but ascertaining overall structural integrity is more complex. With the aid of CCTV technology, either job is effortless, producing crystal clear data for absolute clarity about the state of your drain.

Drain inspections need not cost you.

Depending on the utility company you are signed up with, drainage inspections may well be covered under the terms of their operating licence, so we would recommend investigating this before booking a session.

Unrivalled clarity in inspection reporting.

We go beyond written reports after each inspection, analysing the high quality visual data we collect with the aid of CCTV and 360 ̊ camera technology and providing you with cost effective solutions to every problem that we identify.

….to 360 degree Panoramo

360 degree Panoramo and LISY lateral surveying camera units offer our customers a selection of survey formats that are unrivalled in the marketplace.  A selection of the formats available are shown below.  The Panoramo 3D Optoscanner surveys 360 degrees of a pipe, so it sees and records every millimetre of a drain or sewer at one pass.  Travelling at up to 35cm per second.  Panaramo takes thousands of photos which the software then joints together to give a 3D view of the pipe.  The viewer is not limited to seeing what the CCTV operator chose to record, but can navigate the drain or sewer at his or her own speed, via the recorded footage, as if it were real-time.  Using Panoramo like a virtual camera, you can pan, rotate, stop, turn full circle, zoom, capture images, measure distance – even produce an unfolded view of the pipe’s inner surface.  What more could you ask for?

And LISY for laterals

Designed especially for surveys of lateral drains, sewers and pipes, the LISY sat cam is quick and cost effective because it works from the mainline sewer or drain, without the need to access each property.  LISY will travel a mainline sewer for up to 100-metres until it comes to a blind lateral; then the satellite camera (sat cam) is deployed to CCTV survey 33-metres up the branch connection.  LISY is in demand as water companies not have responsibility for private sewers that previously were the responsibility of the home owner.

ISO14001 adherence reviews.

For commercial customers, we go above and beyond, offering a full consultancy service for organisations aiming to both meet Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Guidance and achieve or maintain 14001 status

The diversity of the report formats our customers can obtain from Lanes is testimony to the continued investment in resources and current up to date technology means Lanes can deliver to our client base time and time again.

Example STC25 Manhole Card PDF

Laser Profiling Analysis PDF

Laser Profiling Observations PDF

Laser Profiling Summary PDF

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