Desilting of Balancing Ponds


Balancing ponds are seen as a useful way of helping property owners manage the risk of flooding on their premises, but this method is hampered considerably if the pond is poorly maintained. At Lanes for Drains, we offer services for desilting balancing ponds and other similar drainage basins, ensuring your property is protected from damaging overspills.

As the country’s largest privately-owned specialist drainage contractors, Lanes will work with you to keep your balancing lakes, retention basins and detention ponds free of silt, as well as emptying and refilling them as and when necessary.

No matter what your requirements are, we’ll strive to deliver an efficient service that meets your needs and helps achieve a higher standard of on-site drainage management, while minimising any potential disruption.

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The importance of maintaining balancing, retention and detention ponds

Balancing lakes and ponds, also known as attenuation ponds, play a variety of roles in helping property owners to control water flow and drainage.

They provide a storage area for surface water and flood water – whether from storms or from industrial spillages – to collect and be contained, releasing slowly into the drainage system where appropriate to prevent further flooding damage.

Many sites will use different types of pond, with retention basins set up as permanent pools of water to help manage stormwater runoff, while others utilise detention ponds, which are designed to only store water temporarily before emptying out into another body of water downstream. Both types of pond can also be used as a source of water for the fire service should a fire break out at a large site.

In all cases, it is essential to keep these ponds clean and well-maintained, as silt buildup over time is an inevitable risk. As this happens, the water capacity of the pond reduces, decreasing its effectiveness and putting the premises at risk of being poorly prepared if a fire or flood occurs.

Given how many larger commercial sites are now actively encouraged to build these balancing ponds into their designs as part of their sustainable drainage and planning requirements, it is becoming more important than ever to make sure these are being looked after correctly.

How our balancing pond desilting services work

Lanes can provide a number of services to help your company keep its balancing ponds in optimal condition, including:

  • Desilting balancing lakes or ponds to improve their performance
  • Emptying a balancing lake or ponds when required for maintenance purposes
  • Refilling a balancing lake or pond once maintenance work has been completed

We are able to attend to ponds of all shapes and sizes, from small bodies of water to large lakes covering a wide area.

We utilise some of the most advanced equipment and techniques to complete this work, including a fleet of tankers and super jet vac tankers that make it possible to pump hundreds of gallons of water in a short time.

In all instances, we will work closely with you to keep any disruption caused by our work to a bare minimum, ensuring that your balancing lake will be back in top condition as quickly as possible.

Why choose Lanes?

As the UK’s leading privately-owned specialist drainage contractor, Lanes for Drains has the scale and capacity to manage desilting and balancing pond maintenance projects of any scale, attending callouts 24/7 from our network of depots across the country.

Whether you require planned maintenance work or emergency aid, you can count on Lanes to provide a highly professional service, with some of the industry’s most skilled engineers on site to share their knowledge and deliver the most efficient solution for your needs.

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