Commercial Tankering Services

Overhead view of Lanes Group's tankering units located in Stafford

Lanes Group provides commercial tankering services across all industrial and commercial sectors, including the food and drinks industry, agriculture, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Our 90-strong fleet of modern 3,000-gallon (14,000 litres), 4,000-gallon (18,000 litres), and 5,000-gallon (23,000 litre) vacuumation tankers is ready to meet all your commercial waste management needs.

As well as this, we operate a fleet of jet vacuumation tankers, and specialist vacuumation units, including super-sucker wet/dry DISAB units to deliver associated industrial cleaning services. Some jet vac units feature water recycling for even greater productivity and less waste. These tankers and jet vacs are based across our depot network to be deployed wherever they are needed.

As in all other aspects of our work, safety in commercial tankering is paramount, of course. This applies to handling and authorised disposal of tanker waste, highway and public safety. Some applications for our national commercial tankering services are shown below.

Non-hazardous effluent removal

Our tankers are used to collect, transport and dispose of a wide variety of non-hazardous effluent waste, including food and drink production by-products and surface water run-off, for instance.

Leachate removal

We support farmers and agricultural product processors to provide a leachate removal service. We also remove leachate generated through green waste recycling services, such as:

  • Commercial composting plants
  • Anaerobic digestion units
  • Biomass renewable energy generation

Interceptor cleaning

We may use vacuum tankers, jet vac tankers and CCTV camera survey units to support water interceptor emptying and cleaning, including interceptors collecting manufacturing and chemical processing contaminants.

Commercial septic tank cleaning

Lanes has vast experience in commercial septic tank cleaning and emptying. With three different tanker capacities, we manage all sizes of septic tank. We also offer support services including septic tank cleaning by water jetting or confined space entry, septic tank inspections and surveying, and septic tank or water treatment plant replacement.

Through our tankering service, we deliver commercial septic tank cleaning as part of a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contract, or reactively as an emergency service.

Bund wall cleaning

Lanes’ tanker fleet is employed in bund wall cleaning and emptying bunds where there has been effluent discharge or when a build-up of waste water needs to be removed.


Our tankers are indispensable in hydrodemolition where a water supply is needed on-site to deliver high and ultra-high pressure water jetting for cutting steel and concrete and for surface preparation work. The tankers also dispose of contaminated water afterwards.

For a responsive, flexible, dependable and safe commercial tankering service across all industries, call Lanes today. We are ready 24/7.