The Cleverest CCTV Survey Equipment

Panoramo: 360 Degree Drain CCTV Survey

Exclusive to Lanes in the UK, the revolutionary Panoramo 3D Optoscanner gives a truly panoramic CCTV drain survey. Whereas conventional pan and tilt drain inspection cameras rely on the operator to see and record images, Panoramo sees and records everything in one speedy pass. Travelling at up to 35cm per second, it scans the entire surface of a drain or sewer and stores the data digitally. That CCTV survey can then be referenced subsequently at any time, such as on a PC back in the office.

Panoramo 360 Degree Software

The Panoramo camera’s specialist viewer software lets you access the stored data to carry out a complete sewer inspection as if it were in real time. The recorded data is a 360º view of the whole pipe so it’s like a virtual camera: you can pan and rotate, stop, turn a full circle, zoom, capture images — even look at an unfolded 2D view of the pipe’s inner surface — at any time.