Mucky pup Olive rescued after being stuck for 24 hours in waste outlet

After trying to catch a rat whilst out for a walk, Olive, a Bedlington terrier, chased a rodent into a waste outlet pipe.

After not being able to retrieve Olive, the owner contacted Thames Water for some assistance.

Engineers James Lewis and Jack Gale, who are most accustom to unblocking fatbergs, didn’t think they would be rescuing a dog!

The pipe which the dog had managed to get into was too narrow for either engineer to get into.

James, said ‘As we are both owners of dogs, we knew how crucial it was to get the dog out of the pipe safe and unharmed!’.

After attempting several man-hole covers, James and Jack eventually found Olive and got her out injury free after two hours.

As drainage engineers, it is not unusual to encounter bizarre things down drains.

Even so we have devised a list of the most unusual things found down drains around the world!

Lanes Group and Thames Water will continue to work throughout the current pandemic.

Under government guidelines, Lanes Group is classed under Wastewater Utility key workers.

This means that we are required to keep the country’s sewers running as normal during this pandemic.

Without our valuable team members we would not be able to deal with blockages at hospitals and care homes etc. who would not be able to deliver their essential services at this time.

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