Stub it out: the impact cigarette waste has on our environment and drainage network

Smoking kills, fag butts on ground

The contamination that we find in sewers comes from lots of different sources.

We all have an obligation to think about the consequences of our actions.  Michelle Ringland, Head of Marketing here at Lanes, discusses the damage throwing cigarette butts down the surface water drains that you see in the street.

This throws a whole new light on the word ‘sewer contamination’ and certainly should make smokers consider their actions, more so because of the hidden plastic content in the filters of cigarettes.

In 2017 the Daily Mail reported that the global effort by the organisation Ocean Conservancy recovered a mind-boggling 1,863,838 cigarettes from beaches.

The simple action of throwing a cigarette down a drain or onto the floor brings a whole new meaning to the slogan #binit


download your copy of this infographic.

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