New recruit Jason is a team player – just ask his 10 children!


Jason Webster brought an important lesson from his family life to his new job at Lanes Group – you get great results from being part of a big team.

That is because Jason, the new Area Development Manager for the Lanes depot in Plymouth, has 10 children!

He says he and his wife, Melanie, are proud to have created a family team that enjoys being together and looking after each other.

Now Jason is excited to be working with a professional team of dedicated drainage specialists at the Lanes depot on Newham Industrial Estate, in Plympton.

He explained: “As a dad of 10 children I’ve found it works best to be a team player at home, and I definitely take the same approach at work.

“I love working with a group of experts to help make them commercially-successful, and the go-to people for customers in their sector.

“That’s what I’ve begun do to here at Lanes, and I’m really enjoying it. There’s lots of great potential, and everyone is up for the challenge.”

Melanie and Jason, who run a digital marketing company, moved to Devon from the North West in April 2016 – taking seven of their 10 children with them. Their three eldest were at university.

For the record, their children are: Rebecca, 23; Jacob, 21; Libby, 19; Samantha, 18; Joel, 16; Jude, 14; Jarom, 12, Job, 9, Meredith, 7, and Tabatha, 5.

Jason explained: “We both had grandparents with big families, which we really loved as children. So, when we met, we agreed we would have four or five children of our own. We just forgot to stop.”

Again, for the record, they have stopped now. But they have not regretted having such a big family for a moment.

“After three children, your life is no longer yours, so how much worse could it be to have more?” joked Jason. “The children get on well, and look after each other.

“When we retire, we plan to go on holiday for two months of the year, and for the rest of the time, spend a month with each of them. So, they can look after us!”

Then again, there are some rather large bills. For example, Jason’s estimate for the cost of breakfast cereal for the last 23 years? £25,116.00.

He said: “This excludes teenage midnight snacking, the cost of replacement bowls and the countless spoons that may, or may not, appear many years later when gardening.”

The family now live in Bude, where they can indulge their collective passion for the outdoor life, including surfing.

Jason has spent a large part of his career in business development in water-related industries. His colleagues are already finding his highly-honed parenting skills are admirably transferable to the world of work.

He said: “As a parent I’ve had to develop pretty good powers of persuasion, and I hope I can put those to good use in my new job, convincing customers Lanes has what it takes to meet their drainage needs.

“We deliver excellent drainage services here in Plymouth, including CCTV surveying, jetting and vacuumation, pipe lining and excavation. That’s supported by unrivalled expertise and capability, nationally.

“There are plenty of companies in the South West who share our ethos, and want good quality, competitively-priced service, so I am confident we’ll go from strength-to-strength.”





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