Lanes for Drains proves its waste management capability


Lanes for Drains has shown it has waste management expertise that reaches beyond pipes and sewers – by managing a project to remove hundreds of tonnes of leachate from a landfill site in East Anglia. The company’s St Neots depot in Cambridgeshire, was awarded the contract to remove the waste water and transport it to…

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Simon and Paul fly the flag for Lanes


Lanes likes its customers to be happy. In fact, the happier, the better. So, when Paul Matthews, development manager of the Tyne and Wear depot received an email from a very happy John Gorman praising the engineers who had carried out a CCTV survey, he was positively delighted. John is Group Facilities Manager at the…

Engineers Simon and Paul

Operation Ferret


The engineers from Lanes have found some weird and wonderful things in drains, but a team from the East Midlands depot were surprised to come face to face with a friendly ferret whilst on a routine cleanse and survey project. The furry pet appeared as they had finished jetting the drain and were preparing to…

Ferret in drain

Lanes engineers use their heads to stay safe


Lanes for Drains engineers are using their heads when it comes to best practice for health and safety – because vital information that could help save their lives is now kept on their hats. Lanes, the UK’s largest independent specialist drainage company, has invested in an emergency ID system that works by storing personal health…

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School Drainage Surveys


Lanes for Drains engineers in East Anglia got top marks for the speed and efficiency of their service as they completed full drainage surveys and cleaning programmes on two secondary schools over the summer. Teams from the St Neots depot in Cambridgeshire were called in by a main contractor to support major refurbishment programmes at…

Engineer surveying drain in the street

How to get rid of unwanted fat: Part II


No. This is not another fad diet or latest craze in fitness regimes. It is about good housekeeping for drains and sewers.  And with bad practice costing millions of pounds a year, it is an issue which is currently being addressed by many of the UK’s water and sewerage companies; the industry’s trade association, British…

Lanes helps disabled athletes charity with donation


Lanes Group is helping with the continuing development of the UK’s sportsmen and sportswomen. With the London 2012 Olympics being hailed as a huge success and the Paralympics beginning on August 29th, the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist has made a donation to a disabled athletes’ charity. ‘Dream it Believe it Achieve it’ works nationally…

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