Platform repairs at London Underground station

Lanes Group has carried out concrete support and platform repairs at Northfields tube station in West London.

Piers supporting platforms and nosing stones, which edge the platforms, were repaired at the station on the Heathrow branch of the Piccadilly line.

Lanes Group’s Rail Division carry out the work at the station, which is on an over-ground section of the line.

Concrete piers on all four platforms were repaired. Metal reinforcement were cleaned and coated with anti-corrosion primer. Sections on each pier where concrete has been lost or removed were repaired.

A total of 20 platform nosing stones were rebedded. The slabs were lifted out with vacuum lifters, then re-concreted back into place.

Lanes Rail Project Manager Steve Demwell said: “These are standard maintenance works needed at any railway station, to ensure a high standard of repair.

“With the constant effect of hundreds of thousands of rail passengers using the station, the nosing stones can work lose, and need to be rebedded.

“The work was completed at night, when the station was closed and no trains were running, so there was no inconvenience to the travelling public.”

Lanes Group’s Rail Division has a team of more than 100 maintenance staff working for London Underground.

Its planned and reactive maintenance services for London Underground cover: track and buildings drainage; water seepage; bridges and structures; station repairs; vegetation control; graffiti and vandalism; locks, doors and gate maintenance; coin counters; and safe maintenance.

Steve Demwell said: “Lanes Rail shows it sets high standards in rail maintenance, both for track and for buildings and structures, working safely and effectively in highly in highly controlled environments.”

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