Lanes infographic: how a fatberg went around the globe

Whitechapel Fatberg infographic thumbnail

The Whitechapel fatberg has become a global news and social media sensation. As the wastewater network services maintenance partner for Thames Water, Lanes Utilities, part of Lanes Group plc, has been given the task of removing the congealed mass of fat, oil and sanitary products.

However, even though the days of the fatberg – named Fatty McFatberg in a Twitter poll – are numbered, it has developed a life of its own, going viral as a news topic in more than 100 countries.

To reveal how Lanes Utilities is tackling the fatberg – and to promote Thames Water’s ‘Bin it – Don’t Block it’ message, to try stop others being formed – we’ve created this infographic about the modern-day monster found lurking beneath East London’s streets. We hope you enjoy it.

Click on the image to open this infographic as a downloadable PDF

Whitechapel, London Fatberg dubbed "Fatty McFatberg" - web infographic

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