Safe working is child’s play for wastewater professionals

Get Home Safe

The children of wastewater professionals are getting the chance to urge their parents and colleagues to ‘Get Home Safe’ in a powerful new safety campaign for 2019.

Parents are being asked to take snaps of their children playing at doing their jobs in the initiative being launched by Lanes Utilities, part of Lanes Group plc.

The images will help highlight the simple measures people can take to stay safe and healthy while at work, so they get home, safe, happy – and ready to play!

The Get Home Safe campaign is the brainchild of Kris Taylor, Health and Safety Manager at Lanes Utilities, the sole wastewater network services partner for Thames Water.

He said: “Involving children reminds us all that there are reasons beyond work for setting high safety and wellbeing standards, and I hope colleagues will also see the fun side of involving their children in this campaign.”

Pictures sent in by colleagues will be amended with carefully-crafted titles and speech bubbles to create light-hearted posters with a serious message: personal safety and wellbeing cannot be ignored.

Kris has started the ball rolling by creating a poster featuring his son, Oliver, aged five, urging Lanes Utilities personnel to use their protective clothing so they get home well and can enjoy time with their families.

He got the idea from seeing roadside messages from children asking motorist to drive carefully because their mums and dads were involved in road maintenance.

Lanes Utilities will make sure colleagues give written permission for their children to take part. All personnel – office staff as well as wastewater engineers working in the field – will be invited to participate.

Kris Taylor said: “Arguably, field operatives face a wider range of serious risks when it comes to wastewater maintenance, but there are potentially significant wellbeing, safety and health concerns for office workers. Everyone had the right to Get Home Safe.”

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