Importance of Maintenance

As you might expect of the UK’s leading specialist, we’re well versed in the art of drainage, whatever the question. And we’re more than happy to share our expertise by offering help and advice to our customers.

Of course, there are times when we may not be the best people to speak to. But you can be sure we know someone who is. And we’re likely to be in close touch with other relevant agencies, such as government departments, and the water and sewerage companies, so will point you in the right direction.

If you have a problem with blocked drains, obviously Lanes is your first port of call. We’ll ask you for detailed information and explain what needs to be done, when and by whom. If there’s an issue with ownership, and you’re not sure whether it’s your sewer or the responsibility of your utility company following changes introduced by the Private Drains and Sewers regulations in 2011, we’ll help with that too. For useful information, along with full details of all the local water and wastewater suppliers in England and Wales ( Scotland is served by Scottish Water.

If you’re worried about severe weather, the Environment Agency (EA) offers a flood warning service ( You can follow the EA on Twitter (@EnvAgency) too, where there are also regional options, including posts about what they’re actually doing as they tweet. Sign up for a free service which will send warnings direct to your mobile, email, fax or pager — particularly useful if you live near or in a flood risk area.

Check out the Meteorological Office ( for five-day forecasts as well as information and tips on keeping one step ahead of the weather. Obviously the Met Office routinely issues warnings and an app lets you check out the forecast on the move.

DEFRA, of course, carries data about flooding ( And, if you are thinking of travelling, check out: The Highways Agency’s weather watch, specifically aimed at helping you plan your journey.

Finally, you’ll find flood alert news on our own twitter feed (@LanesForDrains) with regular re-tweets of pertinent information direct from the above agencies.

For more information call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form

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If you’d rather speak to someone right away, call our 24/7 team on 0800 526 488.

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