Drain and manhole inspections

lanes101-11oct16-selected-footage-00_04_38_10-still009If you are experiencing a suspected blockage affecting your drains, manholes, sewers or pipes, then Lanes is ideally placed to help you diagnose any potential issues with reliable accuracy, and solve them with a minimum of fuss.

With our CCTV drain survey service providing the fastest and most cost-effective way of inspecting both drains and sewers, we can identify current and potential problems in your drainage system with a minimum of disruption, and deliver a precise report that will provide absolute clarity about the current condition of your pipes.

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An accurate appraisal of the state of your drain

Identifying blockages is one thing, but ascertaining the overall condition of your drain or manhole is an entirely separate challenge. Our rigorous inspection process makes this effortless, delivering crystal-clear data for absolute clarity about the state of your pipes.

Our service goes beyond providing written reports; instead, we analyse the data we collect and provide you with solid solutions to every problem that we identify. We do so with the aid of 360-degree camera technology and sophisticated sonde and trace techniques, delivering a level of high-quality visual data that engineers could only dream of even only a few years ago.

Industry-leading services and technology

We undertake CCTV inspections and leak tracing of manholes, chambers, drains and sewers for a variety of clients, both domestic and commercial, including local authorities, utility companies and consultants. All of these demand meticulously detailed and accessible reporting, which we’re able to provide through our use of the latest technology.

The IBAK Panoramo SI is perhaps the most important inspection tool we use. Designed for use with chambers of 300mm diameter or more, it consists of two high-resolution digital cameras fitted with wide-angle lenses, allowing the entire interior of a manhole or pipe to be scanned in just a few seconds with astounding clarity.

We also make use of sonde and trace techniques, which involve sending a small sensor, called a sonde, down the pipes and tracing its signal from the surface. This drain tracing method is a vital way of locating blockages and collapses in non-metallic sewers, drains and pipes.

Making educated decisions about your maintenance needs

Our inspection services allow you to get an accurate idea about your current maintenance needs, and make an educated decision based on that information. It only makes sense, for example, to act upon structural defects, leaks and all the rest as soon as they are identified; this can be the difference between a smaller repair in the moment, or a more elaborate and expensive solution further down the line.

Depending on the utility company you are signed up with, drainage inspections may be covered under the terms of their operating licence, so we would recommend double-checking with them before booking a session with us.

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