Seeing is believing

Lanes’ state of the art CCTV drain inspection camera technology and digital delivery is the fastest, and therefore most cost effective way of inspecting both drains and sewers. The fidelity of the images that we can obtain is so high that we can identify current and potential problems in your drainage system beyond a shadow of doubt.

Disruption is minimal

With the aid of remote controlled modular camera systems or flexible push rod systems, designed for our exact purposes, our engineers need not manually enter drains like in days gone by – now all of the images we generate are relayed to mobile units, resulting in little to no disruption or inconvenience. It couldn’t be simpler.

Reassurance is instantaneous

The beauty of the clarity of the images we are able to obtain in CCTV drain surveys, is that we can comfortably digitally deliver all of the images alongside a full technical report via our specialist delivery web portal. The full survey can be viewed on any device anywhere in the world. You can also download and or print the findings as required. We can explain anything that is unclear of course, but we doubt that we will need to – such is the quality of our imaging.

‘The clarity of the CCTV footage is crucial to identifying the source of problem.  Hairline cracks let water egress out of the pipework. This in turn can cause problems outside of the pipe; flushing away, over time, the hard core that keeps the pipework stable.  Larger cracks and holes allows water to ingress into drains and sewers causing flows to increase and bringing with it silt and debris, which in turn reduces the diameter of the drain and subsequently causes blockages.

Displaced joints or holes however small can let cockroaches, rats and other pests into cavities within building voids, and once they find a route into a building they create havoc for the people living and working in the property.  Distress through pests entering buildings is well documented and very hazardous to health.  The good news is that once the defect has been identified there are solutions such CIPR patch lining that can repair the drains,  Curing the problem and also giving reassurance that the pipework is once again in good condition’

If that wasn’t enough, CCTV surveys are one of the fastest possible ways of checking for rodents in your property. Rats tend to gain access to properties through drainage systems because they can swim surprisingly long distances in open sewer water, and gnaw through the smallest of pipe weaknesses to get where they want to be.

For homes plagued with unwelcome rodent visitors, a CCTV survey might be the first step to getting rid of them for good. Call 0800 526 488 for more information or to arrange an expert Lanes team visitation. We will identify the point of access in no time at all, and even make sure to repair or patch the structure to make sure they don’t come back.

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