Unprecedented clarity


CCTV inspections give Lanes’ engineers the clearest possible picture of your drain, sewer, septic tank or manhole, making the identification of blockages, damage and defects faster than it has ever been.

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Innovative technology

Using a combination of ATEX-rated remote control drain inspection camera units and Panoramo 360 ̊cameras, our expert teams are able to capture every detail, even in zone 2 public sewers or explosion-risk environments.

Flexible service and peace of mind

As well as diagnostics when problems arise, we carry out surveys as part of a preventative maintenance programme which aims to avoid systematic damage developing. Ongoing maintenance is especially suited to commercial customers looking to meet ISO14001 environmental standards. For a competitive quote for either reactive or scheduled CCTV surveys, enquire online or call 0800 526 488.

Advanced technology

Lanes’ advanced drain CCTV survey technology is the best and most cost effective way to inspect drains and sewers. If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one in the future, a CCTV drain or sewer survey is a quick and accurate way to get an instant, detailed look at the condition of your underground drains.
Using remotely-controlled camera systems and software, images are relayed to a mobile van unit, where a technician assesses the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer system. All this happens without any disruption to your property or the environment — it’s simple, quick and accurate.

Diversity of equipment

We use the most appropriate CCTV equipment for each task. Push-rod CCTV units, for example, are suitable for quick ‘look see’ surveys to identify immediate problems like blockages and objects causing obstructions, whereas a home buyers survey provides more detailed information about the integrity of the system prior to the purchase of a property. For more detailed drain analysis, our advanced mainline CCTV units survey larger diameter pipes and sewers providing clear and concise data to enable accurate analysis.

Reporting formats

The technology isn’t simple though. In fact, it’s the world’s most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment. These camera units allow us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey and specialist Wincan software means that you can see the results for yourself in video footage, all supported by a full technical report.

Our engineers are able to provide full technical HADDMS asset management surveys for the Highway Sector. And, utilising FASTtrack software we deliver low cost, simplified drainage assessment three times faster than standard survey methodology, whilst still producing a condition shapefile for upload into HADDMS. Other benefits of this innovative drainage asset management include reduced disruption and improved safety on the network. The resultant information allows optimised interventions and an efficient inspection regime by Highways Agency (HA) maintenance teams.

Understanding and interpreting the CCTV data collected 

For more details about our survey reporting, here is a downloadable information sheet.

Close up of a Lanes Group engineer holding a CCTV survey camera for use inside drains and sewers


Manhole Inspections

Lanes Group engineer standing beside a Lanes Group van carrying out a CCTV survey of a sewer beneath the roadCCTV Drain Surveys


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With a nationwide network of depots, we are never far away when you need us the most. No location is too isolated, and each team at every depot is as experienced and knowledgeable as any other Lanes team.

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