Sewer Desilting and Jet Vacuumation

Keeping clear of silt

Desilting and cleansing is the key to keeping sewer, pipes, drains and gullies in good repair and fully operational. This is particularly important when it comes to maintaining our highways and byways, because keeping gulley’s clean and desilted lessens the risk of flooding in wet weather.

Two Lanes Group engineers in high vis protective clothing standing beside a jet vacuumation unit


What is silt, and what can be done to avoid the build up of it?

Silt is the heavier matter that sinks and inevitably collects at the bottom of a sewer pipe. If not extracted regularly, the silt will solidify, hardening into a rock-like substance and reducing the flow capacity of the system. With heavier rainfall being more common now than ever before, stinting on sewer desilting is something that you cannot afford to do without increasing the chance of localised flooding near your business.

What does sewer desilting entail?

Jet vacuumation is generally used to break up the build-up of silt, forcing silt and debris forward until it arrives at the next downstream manhole or access point to be vacuumed out by one of our advanced jet vacuumation tankers, and then responsibly disposed of. This is a invaluable procedure, making the task of adhering to Pollution Prevention Guidelines significantly more manageable for commercial customers.

How qualified are we to do it?

Lanes’ knowledge, experience and leading edge technology combine to make short work of clearing and cleansing projects, not only in sewers, but culverts, pipes and drains too. As well as responding to spontaneous call-outs, we also offer competitively priced pre-planned maintenance (PPM) contracts for commercial customers. Get in touch for a free quotation, and you will find that this is, by far, the simplest way of making sure that silt build up is kept at bay, without you ever having to ask, or even think about sewer desilting again.

2017-02-02_16-13-53More than silt?  No problem, ultra-high pressure and robotic cutting tools can be the answer.

Frequently drains and sewers end up blocked with much more than silt. During construction grout, sealants, fencing posts and concrete often end up blocking or partially blocking drains and sewers.  This need not mean a costly excavation with the disruption that goes with excavation works.  With the right tools and more importantly ‘experience’ Lanes can remove the majority of blockages. Using the sophisticated cutting tools and ultra-high pressure water jetting units that we have at our disposal couple that with the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years, and a solution to these problems can be found. If you end up with a problem in your drain or sewer and need a resolution give us a call on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form we will do our utmost to assist.

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