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Damaged sewers can mean major risks and inconvenience to individuals, businesses, and whole communities, not to mention headaches for the local authority or water and sewerage company (WaSC) responsible for maintaining the sewer network.

Lanes Sewer Renovation, Rehabilitation and Relining services can help to mend and restore sewer systems, giving them a new lease of life and helping to prevent further damage or disruption. No matter the size of the sewer in question, or whether you’re enquiring as a business or an individual – Lanes is fully equipped to resolve your issue.


Why Sewer Maintenance and Repair is Important

With traffic in the UK reaching saturation point in many areas, minimising disruption to the road network is critical. Little wonder that the travelling public and local communities are keen to see repairs carried out efficiently and quickly, with the least impact on their daily lives.

The knock-on effects of damaged or collapsed sewers include flooding, pollution, foul odours and public health hazards. These are all situations that need to be rectified ASAP, but the sheer logistics of excavating and repairing large sections of sewer can make fixing the problem a real challenge.

CIPP Sewer Repairs

There is good news though. At Lanes, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) sewer renovation is our default technique in the majority of sewer repairs. And it is good because using CIPP (also called no-dig, trenchless or relining technology), we are able to rehabilitate sewers and drains from 225mm to 2,500mm in diameter without digging up land, roads, or pavements.

We’ve been a leader in relining techniques for many years and pride ourselves on our top-notch service and outstanding results. We really do minimise disruption, whether we’re carrying out an emergency repair or routine maintenance work to future-proof the structure. What is more, our prices are always competitive.

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What is trenchless sewer repair?

Trenchless sewer (also known as no-dig or CIPP relining) involves inserting a liner impregnated with resin into the sewer. The liner is forced through the pipe using either water or air pressure, then the resin bonds to the inside of the pipe where it cures to create a pipe within a pipe and restore the integrity of the drain or sewer.
For localised repairs to isolated defects or cracks, we may use short lengths of CIPP liner known as patches or point repairs, which are perfect for rehabilitating specific areas. Sometimes the patches are installed in sequence to create a longer repair. Either approach is as effective as the other, but we would always recommend the most cost-effective solution for each situation.

You can find out more about our drainage relining services here.

How much does this cost?

Since each sewer renovation project is different, the method of repair will be dictated by the condition and type of pipe in question, along with various other factors, and all this, in turn, will dictate the costs involved. However, you will find that we always make sure the costs and proposed work match your needs and your budget.

How long do sewer renovations last?

We test lining materials for a minimum of 1,000 hours to ensure that they meet the WRc criteria for a 50-year design life. But we take that further still, building in a safety factor of x2 to offer an average life expectancy of around 100 years. Our installations may also be independently verified by Excova for further assurance that they conform to the highest industry standards.

Why choose Lanes?

Lanes has over 20 years of experience in this field, renovating mainline sewer systems regionally — sometimes across entire counties — and nationally. Currently we hold the record for installing the longest single length of liner in a sewer.

As pioneers in lining technology, we are comfortable using any of the sewer renovation techniques including the newest and most innovative: liners cured by UV light at a super-fast one-metre-a-minute, for example. Managing large-scale projects on public infrastructures whilst maintaining services as far as possible for clients and the public is something we do on a daily basis. And we do it well.


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