Committed to innovation

When it comes to innovation and investment in drainage technology, Lanes is proud to sit at the forefront of the industry. But this is only one side of the business, naturally: we continually evaluate and improve our systems, procedures and techniques too, so we’re committed to innovation in service, as well as in technology.

Early adoption

Being known as an early adopter of the latest techniques and materials, we are often involved in testing new equipment for manufacturers or trialling new working methods. After being one of the first to offer no-dig sewer and drain renovation in the early days, Lanes is considered the leading authority on sewer rehabilitation technology in the UK.

Benefits to customers

Consistently investing in the most advanced technology means we can deal with any drain or sewer problem in the quickest, least disruptive and most cost efficient way. To find more about what is right for your business, simply call 0800 526 488. We’re always happy to talk technology.



Being the vanguard of the industry, Lanes is known for having the best equipment and resources in the business. For our clients, it is reassuring: the better our equipment, the better our ability to service their needs.


jetvac-rear-view-close-up-2013Jet Vacuumation

Jet vacuumation and jet tankering are a huge part of our business. As a result, we continually invest in the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced plant and machinery available. Currently, our UK jet vac fleet is over 170-strong.