Q: The manhole on our premises is overflowing. Am I responsible for clearing the blockage?

The pipeline from the manhole chamber, if it serves a single property, is the sole responsibility of the owner. However, if the pipeline is a transferred asset, and therefore belonging to your water and sewerage company, or if it sits outside the curtilage of your premises, it becomes a shared sewer, and therefore not solely your responsibility.

Q: There is a terrible smell coming from my drains.

Smells may be overcome by removing all deposited matter from the gully grid and trap. (If you attempt this, use a mechanical aid rather than your hand). Strong disinfectants can help to discourage odours from developing in the first place. However very often we find the cause is a build up of fat, oil and grease. If there’s evidence of grease deposits, we would strongly recommend that the drains are dealt with professionally. Good housekeeping (“bagging it and binning it” rather than washing all waste down the drain, for instance) is the best preventive measure against both odours and potential blockages.

Q: What is a bio disc sewage treatment system?

Bio disc sewage treatment plants are the preferred option by most planning authorities and water and sewerage companies in the UK. They tend to recommend the installation of these plants because they naturally treat sewage with an aerobic digestion process prior to disposal. While the treatment process is undertaken, the sewage is stored in a holding tank, and once it has been treated, it is disposed of in fully compliance with waste handling legislation.

Q: What is a grease trap?

A: A grease trap is a piece of equipment that is installed to capture fats, oils and grease from sink waste to avoid it entering drains and, subsequently, sewage systems. If fats, oils and grease get into drains and sewers they solidify, and then other debris catches in the grease which then causes blockages. Grease traps should be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the grease waste disposed of to registered waste disposal sites.

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