Hydro Demolition

What is Hydro Demolition?

Hydro demolition is a technique for removing concrete, without damaging the steel substructures within or around the concrete. First adopted back in the 1980s, this alternative method of demolition is used for precision work in which the area that requires attention needs to be very clearly defined.

Results are achieved using a robotically-controlled, ultra-high pressure water jet which operates a pressure of 30000 psi at 22- to 30-litres of water per minute to cut through concrete, grout or asphalt. Hydro demolition is a quick, safe and clean alternative to traditional demolition, with environmental advantages such as no vibration and no dust pollution.

Also known as hydro blasting, the technique is ideal for removing asphalt and grout that is damaged or has deteriorated, or to cut away grout that has spilled into drains during the construction process.

After the Kuwait conflict in the early 1990s, hydro demolition techniques were used in the oil industry to clean well heads after they had been damaged, enabling them to be capped and made safe.

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) was founded to ensure users of such equipment were well trained and to provide a safe code of conduct for the industry.