We undertake CCTV inspections of manholes and chambers for a wide range of commercial clients, including local authorities, utility companies and consultants. They choose Lanes because we deliver meticulous detail and accessible reporting as standard.




First Rate CCTV Survey of Manholes and Inspection Chambers

For clarity and ease of issue diagnostics, CCTV surveys are a superior way to inspect manhole and inspection chambers. With the use of industry leading technology and expert knowledge we can quickly identify issues and get repairs underway faster.

Preventative Problem Solving

Following our manhole inspection service, we are able to report on structural defects, leaks and other damage from the moment they are identified. We will also advise you about any proposed remedial action, and carry that out swiftly to resolve any issues — with your authorisation. This can mean making a smaller scale repair right away, rather than wait until there is a bigger problem to deal with.

Cutting Edge Manhole Inspection Equipment

The IBAK Panoramo SI is our flagship hardware for manhole inspections. Designed for manholes or chambers of at least 300mm diameter, it has two high-resolution digital cameras which scan the entire interior in just a few seconds — all with astounding clarity.

And there’s more state of the art, revolutionary technology from IBAK for manhole inspections. The 3D Optoscanner has two hi-res digital cameras with distortion-free wide angle lenses to scan the entire interior of the manhole in seconds, during one, single, vertical run. Like the horizontal unit, this camera records 360º so that everything can be analysed in detail at any time, as if it were real time.
The visual image can be ‘de-rendered’ enabling the point cloud to be exported directly into auto CAD.





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