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Introducing drain interceptors


Drain interceptors or drain separators are seen as the final line of drainage defence. They are designed to stop contaminants from commercial and industrial sites (such as production facilities, storage areas and even car parks) from creating a pollution hazard. And remember that ignorance is no defence against a charge of causing pollution through inadequately maintained systems.

The costs and benefits of regular maintenance are minimal compared to the potential penalties if a pollution incident does occur. And Lanes can take care of it all.

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An illustration/diagram of a drain interceptor and how it works underground

What is an Interceptor?

Surface water which lands on hard standing at, for instance, commercial and industrial sites or car park areas, will collect contaminants (oil, silt, dirt and brake dust) before entering the storm water system. Interceptors are designed to separate contaminants from the water before it reaches the main sewer system.

Interceptors must be maintained regularly (emptied and cleaned), and the owner should keep documentation showing that the waste has been disposed of correctly. Allowing un-separated surface water (such as run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning activities) to damage the environment and pollute rivers, streams and groundwater, carries a risk of prosecution by the Environment Agency.

Complete interceptor servicing

We make sure that your interceptors are emptied and cleaned when necessary, using high powered, advanced jet vacuumation and tankering technology. This may be done at intervals as part of a planned maintenance contract, or when requested by your site staff.

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Neglecting regular maintenance of drain interceptors can have serious consequences for your business and the environment, increasing the risk of pollution incidents with all the ensuing clean-up costs, potential prosecution and fines.

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