Off-Road Jet Vacuumation Services (Jet Vac)

No location is off limits for Lanes when it comes to drainage services, thanks to our off-road jet vac units.


Two Lanes Group engineers in high vis protective clothing operating a jet vacuumation tanker off road

For a free quotation on our off-road jet vaccumation services, call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form.

Our specialist utilities hub in Stafford operates a fleet of off-road jet vac units which are also available for use across the UK. And, as Britain’s weather is predicted to become more extreme, increasing the risk of localised flooding, we expect demand for these off road machines to grow.


Jet vac units towed by tractor are used in pipe cleaning and repair on agricultural land. They are regularly employed on our wastewater contracts with utility companies, including Severn Trent Water, or rural work such as culvert de-silting for Network Rail. They are also ideal for cleaning drainage pipes in large country parks and estates, etc.

Off-road jet vac models may have a 3,000-gallon tank which jets at 75-gallons per minute and vacuums at 1,200 cubic feet per minute, or a 2,000-gallon tank with 55-gallon per minute jetting and 600-cubic feet per minute suction.


Lanes also has tracked remote jetting reels to extend hose reach in inaccessible areas.

Jet Vac Services for Remote Areas and Tough Terrains

The perfect solution for utility companies, rail operators, farmers or land management companies, our all-terrain jet vacs are increasingly in demand as clients realise the importance of keeping their drainage assets in good condition.

With the kind of extreme weather events we have seen in recent years, flood damage to agricultural land is a serious concern. Just one blocked culvert could result in the destruction of valuable crops, loss of livestock, damage to amenities and serious disruption for transport networks.

With our off-road jet vacs, we can respond quickly and cost-effectively to both emergency situations and on-going maintenance tasks.

To learn more about the specifics of our jet vacuumation technology and processes, click here. For a free quotation on our off-road jet vaccumation services, call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form.

White Lanes Group truck alongside drainage engineers in high-visibility clothing and roadworks

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