Duct Cleaning and Desilting


duct pipes with live cables running through

Cable ducts need attention too

Ducting is used to carry telecom, communications and energy cables. It protects the wires underground. But cable ducts can suffer from similar problems to wastewater pipes, so any damage — such as root ingress or displaced joints — will allow silt, soil and other debris to enter the duct. A damaged duct may also result in water getting in — not an ideal environment for a cable.

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Duct cleaning is skilled work

Removing silt without damaging the cable inside takes skill. Our engineers use specialist jetting heads to push and pull debris to the nearest manhole chamber. From there, it is vacuumed out, quickly and efficiently, by one of our advanced jetvac tankers.

The right equipment is the key

Remote locations, such as ducting carrying energy cables from on-land wind farms, may present additional challenges so having the appropriate kit and resources is essential for maintenance and cleaning. Once again, Lanes is well equipped with a fleet of off-road units. That means we can carry out jetting, cleaning and inspection wherever it is required. And our clients know that they will always get a complete maintenance solution.

View inside of long plastic tube under ground.
View inside of long plastic tube under ground. Colorful ribbed wall of plastic pipe, green light at circle end. Tunnel under ground with far light

New cable installation

Lanes has been working with cable installation companies for years, removing silt from ducts to allow new cables to be pushed through. Where cables run through cities and towns, this is often carried out out of hours so that there is minimum disruption to commuters and the general public.

We always have the right solution

We thrive on problem solving for our customers, with our fleet of jetvac tankers, and off-road units, and our vast technical expertise. Do you have a duct that needs cleaning and de-silting? Just call us on 0800 526 488 — we’ll be more than happy to help.

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