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Sewer Renovation – Eccles

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300 Lansdowne Road
Monton, Eccles, M30 9PJ
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Sewer Rehabilitation

Lanes Group was one of the first drainage contractors in the UK to adopt trenchless sewer replacement, or ‘no-dig technology’, and is now a market leader in sewer renovation and rehabilitation using this method.

Our specialist division often trials new materials and techniques and works closely with international manufacturers and industry bodies. We regularly hit the headlines for our pioneering projects and currently hold the record for installing the longest single liner — 509 linear metres — in the UK.

Trenchless Explained

‘Trenchless’, ‘no-dig’ or ‘relining’ is simply the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer, and causes the least disruption. As a result, it is also considered to be the most environmentally and financially favourable solution. Also known as CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe), it is the established form of repair for dilapidated infrastructure assets. The technique involves inserting a liner impregnated with a special resin into the sewer or drain. As the liner is inserted into the pipe, it is turned inside out and forced through using water or air pressure. The material then bonds to the inside of the pipe and the resin cures or hardens, effectively creating a new pipe within the pipe and restoring the integrity of the drain or sewer.


Each lining project is a bespoke design. Decisions about the type of liner, resin, curing method and re-opening works are planned meticulously according to the specific criteria involved: diameter, length, type of pipe, overpumping requirements, access points, condition of drain, timescales, working area, cost, etc.

From Big to Small

Trenchless sewer replacement can be carried out on pipes from just 100mm diameter up to 2.5-metre culverts and, depending on access and logistical considerations, in single lengths or in a series of shorter, overlapping liners. These patch liners can be installed in pipes as small as 100mm diameter or as big as 1.2 metres.

Full Sewer Relines

When renovating a full length of sewer by trenchless methods, the lining material is a concentric composite felt tube. Each one is commissioned individually for its project and delivered to our production facility, where the outer skin is manually impregnated using a specified resin. Once the liner has been installed (by inversion) into the pipe, the resin is cured either by heat (hot water or steam) or by ambient temperatures. That done, robotic cutting equipment is employed to open up any lateral connections before the pipe is re-commissioned.

And the Very Latest in Trenchless Technology: Ultra Violet

Lanes UV liner is an innovative and bespoke fibre-glass product and installation technique. It’s fast: using UV (ultra violet) light, the lining will cure in less than 1-metre per minute.  And it’s durable: once cured the UV lining has a design life of 120 years.


Spot or patch liners are the perfect solution to localised cracks, fractures, root ingress, open or displaced joints or holes. These liners are generally made from a fibre-glass matrix and positioned using an inflatable packer. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to repair smaller, troublesome areas which could, potentially, become major issues if left untreated.

Built to Last

Our lining material is tested for 1,000 hours to ensure the material exceeds WRc criteria. It provides a 50-year design life with a safety factor of <2, effectively giving one hundred years’ life expectancy. Installations are tested and verified by Control Point.

To see our trenchless sewer replacement crew in action, click here. For more information call us FREE on 0800 526 488 to make an enquiry.

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Fleet of tanker trucks parked outside the Lanes Group PLC Manchester depot The Lowry at Salford Quays, Manchester at night

What our Manchester customers say about us

Can you pass on my thanks to Dave and Joe who won’t give up until every bit of debris is removed, good team. A Job very well done in particularly difficult working conditions over 2 weekends.

Carl Barlow, Engineering Supervisor – Interserve

Case Studies

Food Factory Process Pipe Reline

Duerr’s has been making jam since 1881. Peanut butter, honey, jam and marmalade are all made as part of the production line in Manchester based factory, since 1890. During Christmas the factory shut-down allowing for Lanes’ engineers to open the manholes only to discover a badly damaged 150mm clay process pipe which ran directly beneath the factory where they were have new equipment for the production line installed.


Car park flooding

Facilities management company Environment & Power Technology (EPT) had to respond rapidly due to flooding that had occured during December, of an car park in Greater Manchester based underground for the offices of HM Customs and Excise. The water build up led to the electricity supply being cut, resulting in the building being closed at one of the busiest times of the year for tax officials. Lanes Group were called in to action to pump out the water.




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