Reactive Rail Maintenance


rail-photo-editOur 24/7 reactive facilities maintenance service completes in excess of 18,500 incidents and emergencies a year, all of which are channelled through our dedicated rail call centre. Whether we are dealing with flooding, failing assets, or a major event in the Capital, we pull out all of the stops to get the job done on time, every time, with a fault percentage as low as 12% thanks to our ‘Station Check’ initiative.

Our response times set us apart, with mobile response crews in place around the clock ready to attend to anything from a blocked drain or broken window, to adverse weather conditions or terrorist strikes. These teams are supported by a dedicated call centre ensuring that clients get the service they want, not just the service they need – with real time reporting to ensure total job tracking visibility throughout, you will know the moment your work has been completed, and normal service has been resumed.

Situations that we can resolve reactively include:

  • Internal and external drainage issues
  • Water seepage management
  • Fencing and vegetation management
  • Coin counters and safe problems
  • Lock failures
  • Adverse weather incidents
  • Emergency situations
  • Building fabric failures (tiling, glazing, flooring, platform nosing etc.)

For more information about our reactive rail maintenance services, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0800 526 488