Pollution Control Units

Any business under the sun can protect themselves from pollution incidents by strictly adhering to Pollution Prevention Guidelines. In doing so, they will avoid unnecessary, and often costly, damage to the environment.

Pollution control units are specifically designed to contain pollutants of all forms, shutting down drains entirely within seconds at the touch of a button, the activation of an alarm, or even with the receipt of a text message.

Bund Water Control Units

Designed to pump out the water from contaminated, bunded areas, and in doing so, maintain the minimum 110% storage capacity of the largest tank required by Environment Agency guidelines.

Aquasentry Interceptor Monitor

Makes you aware of potential environmental issues before they actually occur, alerting you to excessive levels of oil, liquid and silt to ensure compliance with the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

CheckValve, DrainStopper and FlapStopper

Pnuematically-activated pollution control units designed to be fitted to outfalls of up to 72”, 24” and 18” respectively – and so catering for high, medium and low water usage sites.

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