Pollution Control Units

Pollution Control Units

Pollution control units are one of the most effective tools that railway site owners can use to prevent the spread of pollution through their drainage systems. At Lanes for Drains, we can help you get set up with a highly capable pollution control unit to enhance the environmental performance of your premises.

Lanes will help you source a system that can remove contaminants from your railway premises, as well as alerting you to any potential environmental issues before they occur. We can help you install these devices and get them working with your existing drainage system, while advising you on how to make the best use of your unit.

Our fully accredited and highly trained rail maintenance experts are available to take your call 24/7. With nationwide coverage and competitively priced quotes on all of our services, we are your ideal partners for pollution control unit installation.

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Our services

At Lanes Rail, we offer a range of services to help rail network operators to avoid pollution incidents and maintain strict adherence to the UK’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines. Our pollution control unit services are a key part of this, providing sites with a valuable tool for monitoring and preventing potential incidents.

By contacting Lanes Rail, we will:

  • Visit your site to assess your pollution control needs, evaluating potential risks based on your existing drainage setup
  • Provide you with information on the range of pollution control units available, offering recommendations on the system that deliver the greatest benefit for your premises
  • Source and install your new pollution control unit to work with your existing drainage infrastructure, ensuring everything is working correctly and providing guidance on how to make best use of the technology

In doing so, our service will help your site to avoid unnecessary and often costly damage to the environment, ensuring you are able to uphold your responsibility to your staff, your customers, to regulators and to society as a whole.

What kind of pollution control units do we provide?

Pollution control units are designed to contain pollutants of all forms, shutting down drains entirely within seconds at the touch of a button, the activation of an alarm, or even with the receipt of a text message.

At Lanes, we are able to source a number of popular and proven pollution control units to meet the environmental needs of your premises, including:

Bund water control units

These automated pumping systems continually monitor the contents of your bund, automatically detecting the presence of contaminants such as oil and reacting by safely pumping the water out into the surface water drainage system.

These systems provide instant alarm warnings and notifications when contamination is detected, allowing you to stay on top of any problems. They can be instrumental in helping your site maintain the minimum 110% storage capacity of the largest tanks, as required by Environment Agency guidelines.

Aquasentry Interceptor Monitor

Manufactured by Aquasentry, one of the leading providers of environmental solutions, these monitoring systems measure oil and liquid levels within your interceptor, as well as tracking the buildup of silt.

These systems are designed to alert users to potential environmental issues before they actually occur, giving you timely warnings when excessive levels of oil, liquid and silt are reached, ensuring compliance with the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines.

CheckValve, DrainStopper and FlapStopper

These pneumatically activated pollution control units, developed by Aquasentry, are designed to contain pollutants, oil spills and firewater runoff issues on your site within seconds of an incident occurring.

They can be fitted to outfalls of up to 72”, 24” and 18” respectively, meaning the range includes suitable options for high, medium and low water usage sites.

Why choose Lanes?

By choosing Lanes to help you fit your pollution control units, you will be able to depend on the expertise and support of the UK’s leading privately-owned specialist drainage and wastewater contractor.

Our highly qualified team of skilled professionals at Lanes Rail have worked with clients such as National Rail, London Underground and several light rail networks, meaning we have extensive experience delivering industry-leading solutions for major sites, while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety.

Thanks to our nationwide depot network managing Network Rail projects across the UK, as well as our dedicated rail division in Rainham servicing the London Underground, we are ready and available to respond to your calls 24/7, and will always strive to offer the best and most competitively priced solution for your specific needs.

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