Jet Vacuumation


Despite the relative simplicity of jet vacuumation as a concept, our equipment is surprisingly sophisticated, making jet vacuumation a key cornerstone of operations in all four Lanes Group divisions.

Our custom-built jet vac units deliver high pressure water jetting, displacing and then responsibly disposing of stubborn blockages or obstructions in pipes, sewers, drains, gulleys, interceptors and tanks. This is even true when silt, debris, fats, oils and grease are responsible for the blockage.

With our extensive fleet of over 175 vehicles, we have a major advantage over other players in our sector. This, twinned with our nationwide coverage puts us in an ideal position to meet demand, even when faced with extreme weather conditions.

Our J. Hvidtved Larsen (JHL) jet vac units recycle every drop of water that they use during jetting operations, avoiding time wastage usually associated with refilling. Our jet vacuumation service is more than time efficient, though, being cost and fuel efficient too –making jet vacuumation a green and sustainable solution to a problem that businesses encounter time and time again.

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