No-Dig Technology


As one of, if not the first contractor to adopt ‘no dig’ trenchless sewer renovation and rehabilitation, we are undoubtedly market leaders in the field, installing the longest single liner in the UK and successfully delivering on projects previously thought to be well out of reach.

‘No dig’ is by far the least disruptive and most cost effective way to repair damaged drains, pipes and sewers, with each project using a bespoke design to work around even the most congested of rail stations. Thanks to two years of our own research and testing, we are as capable of using no dig technology with vertical pipes, including refuse chutes and downpipes, as we are with traditional horizontal pipes.

Our repairs and renovations are long lasting, with design lives of at least 50 years, and up to 120 years with our innovative fibre glass UV liner– all with a safety factor of <2. All of our installations are tested and verified by Pipeline Developments Limited too, offering furth

er reassurance to both your staff and your customers.

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