Electric robotic cutter
Lanes’ specialist robotic cutting teams work across the UK to open up lateral connections after pipe and sewer rehabilitation.

Precision cutting

Lateral connections must be plotted with millimetre-precision and fully opened up using a robotic cutter alongside CCTV equipment. The cutting units can operate inside pipes ranging from 75mm to 850mm in diameter, restoring flow from buildings and land to the main sewer system.

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Tackling root ingress

Robotic cutting units are used to remove root ingress from drains and sewers. This includes both fibrous and tap roots and occurs when they break into the pipes searching for water. Typically roots are cut out when we are preparing a drain for rehabilitation via CIPP reline. Using robotic cutters to remove root ingress saves time, money and disruption, as the pipe can then be cleaned and surveyed to assess damage to the pipe, before a liner or patch repair is installed.

Tackling other obstructions

Lanes has used the same equipment to remove all manner of obstructions from pipes, drains and sewers over the years. In particular, tile slurry, cement and concrete which frequently get into drains during construction and building work. Lanes is accomplished at project managing the removal of such debris for the builder in time for handover.

And the weird and wonderful

Cables, wooden fencing stoops, toys — you name it, and we have found it in the drains and sewers. Discarded items like this will lodge and may eventually cause a blockage. They can be costly to remove by excavation, but with our robotic tools we cut and grind the items into smaller, more manageable pieces, pushing them to the nearest manhole chamber and vacuuming them out with jetvac technology.

The best cutter for the job

Having invested in the best cutting technology, we always have the best cutter for the application. We have been providing expert, flexible cutting solutions for years — no wonder we have so many loyal customers.

White Lanes Group truck alongside drainage engineers in high-visibility clothing and roadworks

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