Bridges, buildings and other structures may incorporate internal vertical and/or horizontal drainage systems. CCTV surveys of these pipes offer valuable data and evidence so that engineers can assess the condition of the drainage asset. Lanes’ teams have the equipment and expertise necessary to CCTV survey internal drainage, depending on the diameter of the pipes.

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Efficient and cost effective

Our advanced CCTV drain survey technology makes inspecting drains and sewers more efficient than ever. The images obtained this way allow identification of issues at first pass: no need for further diagnostics or additional investigations.

Minimal disruption

Thanks to our sophisticated, remote control, drain inspection camera systems, there’s rarely a need for manual drain entry: surveys can be carried out with the bare minimum of disruption to your daily operations.

Comprehensive reporting

Every image from the survey is saved electronically as video footage for you to view, alongside a full written technical report. And, of course, our expert team are always on hand, online or on 0800 526 488, to answer any questions you have or discuss further action.

Wincan Software

Our Wincan verification software includes over 450 independent data checks in your CCTV survey, validating the coding and complying with the Wita/0520 pipeline surveying accreditation. Wincan validation software also ensures consistency through report standardisation.

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