Jet Vacuumation

lanes101-11oct16-selected-footage-00_07_42_11-still012editedContinual investment

Our policy, at Lanes, has always been to invest in the most environmentally friendly and technically advanced equipment available. And we do this across the whole operation. Nowhere more so than in our jet vacuumation fleet, which currently stands at over 170 units, more than half of which are water recycling sewer cleaning units.

Jetting technology

Our custom-built jet vac units deliver high-pressure water capable of breaking up any stubborn blockage or obstruction, whether that is in a pipe, sewer, drain, gully, interceptor or tank.

Vacuumation technology

Once debris and silt has been dislodged and moved by the high-pressure water jet into the manhole chamber, it is removed using the vacuumation function of these custom-built tankers. Finally, as a registered waste handler, we take the waste to a processing station where it will be responsibly disposed of in accordance with all environmental legislation.

For more information about our advanced jet vacuumation equipment, either book a call online via the form, or call 0800 526 488.