High Pressure Water Jetting Cleaning & Descaling

dynamic-descaler-before-after-6bWhat is High Pressure Water Jetting?


High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) blasts highly compressed and concentrated pressurised water out of a small nozzle. The resultant water force will cut through virtually anything. Also known in (and out) of the industry as hydro-blasting or water-cutting, HPWJ is employed in a wide range of applications and environments because it is such an effective, powerful and precise tool.

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What pressure does HPWJ generate?

Our HPWJs reach pressures of up to 15,000 psi — that’s enough to cut through solid concrete. What’s more, our trained engineers are able to use the jets with incredibly accurate precision, whilst always working to stringent health and safety protocols.

screen-shot-2017-07-05-at-15-03-00What is HPWJ used for?

High pressure jetting is perfect for cutting away and dislodging debris and substances found within, around or attached to a drain, sewer or process pipe. Capable of breaking up everything from rust and scale to resins, chemical residues, paint, concrete and rubble, the jet allows us to remove build up and blockages quickly and efficiently to restore optimum flow back to the pipe.
Here are just some of HPWJ services we provide:

  • De-scaling pipes
  • Tank cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • De-scaling drains and sewers
  • Floor preparation


How does it work?

By forcing water through a small outlet, the jet creates the high pressure needed for cleaning and cutting through the sort of debris found in the drainage and sewer system, so that the pipe system is restored to flow freely again. This technology is also the most environmentally friendly and simple solution to many sewer and drainage problems, and for descaling process engineering pipework.

babgascompressionstationWhat are the benefits?

Clearing and cleaning drains quickly and cost-effectively means that high pressure water jetting is perfect for meeting sensitive time-frames and fixed budgets. Our engineers are flexible too, and will work to meet your needs and your schedule, anywhere in the UK, for a comprehensive and exemplary HPWJ service.

What about the waste?

After pipe de-scaling and cleaning has been completed, the team organises the collection and disposal of any waste remaining on-site, to meet all appropriate legislation including relevant paperwork.

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