High Pressure Water Jetting Cleaning & Descaling

dynamic-descaler-before-after-6bWhat is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High Pressure Water Jetting (or HPWJ for short) is essentially a water jet that has highly compressed and concentrated pressurised water being blasted out of a small nozzle which is used to cut through virtually anything you can think of.  HPWJ is also known by many other names in and out of the industry such as; hydro-blasting or water-cutting, but not only that, it has been used in a variety of different industries for several purposes due to it being a highly effective, powerful and precise piece of kit.

What sort of Pressure does HPWJ generate?

We at Lanes have the capability of reaching pressure of up to 15,000 PSI, which is enough to cut through concrete! Not only that, but we have specially trained engineers so that the work carried out is completed with the same meticulous precision that the high pressure jet offers, all the while focusing on the health and safety requirements when working with equipment of such precision is something our specially trained teams are well equipped to do.

screen-shot-2017-07-05-at-15-03-00What is HPWJ used for?

High pressure jetting is used for the removal of various different debris and substances found within, around or attached to drain, sewer and process pipes. Capable of removing rust and scale, resins, chemical residues, paint, as well as breaking up and removing concrete and rubble. The high pressure allows us to operate in a fast, efficient and precise manner to enable flow to restore back to its optimum level. Here are just some of HPWJ services we provide:

  • De-scaling pipes
  • Tank cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • De-scaling drains and sewers
  • Floor preparation


How does it work?

Put simply, high pressure jetting works by passing water though a tiny hole or orifice which in turn generates the huge volumes of pressure used for cleaning and cutting. through various debris found with the drainage or sewer system, which ultimately then provides a pipe system that is flowing like it was freshly installed. The technology whilst simple it also offers an environmentally friendly and stable solution to many underground sewer and drainage problems, along with process engineering pipework de-scaling.

babgascompressionstationWhat are the benefits?

Offering a cost-effective and fast solution to your drainage needs, high pressure water jetting provides vast benefits to those with particularly sensitive time-frames to work to, or even to those working on a tight budget. The highly trained Lanes engineers operate around your needs and your schedule anywhere in the UK to deliver this effective and efficient service, restoring flow fully, on time and within budget.

What about the waste?

After the de-scaling and cleaning has been completed, the Lanes team on-site will organise the collection and disposal of any waste remaining on-site in an appropriate and legal manner, saving you from another job.

Further information

To speak to someone in our team, and for more information about this service please call 0800 526 488 or email sales@lanesgroup.co.uk.