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Blocked drains are one of the most common maintenance issues at home and for businesses. Unless you know what to do, they can quickly cause a lot of inconvenience and potentially some nasty damage to your property.

With minimum disruption and prompt arrival, the Lanes’ team will deal with your drain blockage as efficiently as possible, so you can keep the wheels of industry turning and family life moving.

With our nationwide network of depots, we are never far away. Our specialist drainage engineers will come to you quickly and won’t leave until you have a working drainage system – it’s as simple as that.


No Job Too Big or Too Small

From toilets, sinks and baths to any size of blocked drain or sewer, we take on any drain clearance challenge. We can handle anything from a single leaking pipe to a massive concreteberg blocking an entire sewer, and are committed to dealing with any issue as efficiently as possible.

Just as important as unblocking pipes when a problem occurs is our regular drain cleaning service, which reduces the likelihood of emergency calls in the future.

Commercial Drain Unblocking

For businesses, a blocked drain can quickly halt operations if not handled swiftly.

Lanes understand that time is money, and that why we strive to get to you promptly and handle the blockage swiftly so you can get back to the important things.


Domestic Drain Unblocking

You drain functionality shouldn’t be something that even crosses your mind when at home, so when problems arise you can rest assured that Lanes will get the issue dealt with, and in record time.

For domestic drain unblocking, Lanes can get things moving again so you can get back to life.


Keeping disruption to a minimum

Whether we are carrying out a one-off clean or a regular pre-planned maintenance programme, we will work at a time which is the least disruptive to your business’s daily operations. And you can be sure our team will be prompt and professional at any hour of the day or night.

How to Spot a Blocked Drain

If you suspect you have a blockage there are few key things to look for that can help you to confirm the situation:

  • Smell – the easiest symptom to recognise
  • Sink drainage – water takes longer than usual to drain from your sink
  • Toilet drainage – water rises or almost overflows after flushing
  • Noises – gurgling sounds from the plughole

You can find out more about how to spot a blocked drain from Lanes; if you suspect that you have an issue that requires professional attention, then get in touch with us today.

For a free quotation call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form

Is It Drains or Is It Sewers?

When drainage issues arise, it’s important to assess if it is an isolated issue within your home or indicative of a problem with the sewer system.

There are some quick steps you can take to find out where the root of the issue lies:

  • See if the issue is affecting just one drainage point or if it is affecting multiple,
  • Ask you neighbours if they are experiencing similar drainage problems.

If a problem is affecting more than one location within your home, or is affecting multiple households in your street then the issue is more likely associated with the sewer system. Contact your water supplier.

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With a nationwide network of depots, we are never far away when you need us the most: no location is too isolated. And each Lanes' depot has similarly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable staff.

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