At the forefront of our field

We have always prided ourselves on our reputation for being innovators and thought leaders in our field. Working closely with manufacturers, we are one of the first companies invited to trial new products. If we find the new equipment performs better than our current gear, we are all too happy to adopt it – after all, the better equipped we are to do our job, the better we are able to serve the needs of our customers.

Leading the way

We were one of the first drainage contractors in the UK to adopt no dig technology when it was a relatively novel concept to so many of our competitors. More recently, we were the very first to invest in revolutionary and sophisticated IBAK Panoramo camera equipment. Our interest in the latest technology is anything but surface level, persisting even in the face of a UK economy in a state of flux.


Pioneering technologies already in use

Some of the impressive and, in many cases, pioneering technologies and pieces of equipment we use include:

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