Drain maintenance is essential – not optional

Whether you need drainage maintenance at home or for business you can be assured that Lanes Group experts will be on hand to deliver industry leading support.

When something goes wrong with your drains, Lanes Group is the name you need to know. We provide all the repair and maintenance services you need to fix your problem, no matter how big or small.


Passion and Expert Knowledge in Equal Measure

At Lanes, all our services are delivered at the highest standards.

Our engineers are highly trained, fully accredited and, above all, enthusiastic. They’re equipped with the latest and greatest technology and only too happy to explain what they’re doing and why. Just ask!

Commercial Drain Services

Maintaining healthy drains means that your business can continue to operate smoothly, unaffected by drainage issue that could cost time and money.

For businesses, our commercial drain services include:

Drain Blockages

Drain Cleaning 

Drain Jetting 

Drain Inspection & CCTV Surveys

Drain Repair 

Drain Relining 

Drain Jet Vacuumation 

Drain Interceptors 


Domestic Drain Services

Drainage problems can be really inconvenient and, let’s face it, not exactly pleasant to deal with either. Overflowing sinks, backed-up toilets, foul smells, and a real risk of sewage flooding your home – all of these are symptoms of blocked drains, and blockages or leaks in hard-to-reach parts of your drainage system are almost always impossible to tackle yourself.

For homeowners, our domestic services include:

Drain Blockages and Cleaning

Drain and Manhole Inspection

Drain Relining and Repair

What’s more, you can rest assured that whatever your drainage needs, you’ll always have qualified, well-trained engineers on hand to support you, using the very latest technology to get the job done as efficiently as possible.


Know your responsibilities

At Lanes, we can fill you in on the key responsibilities your business must fulfil in maintaining drains and sewers, and help you understand where your liabilities begin and end. To learn more, check out our guide to businesses’ responsibilities for drains.

You can find out more about our complete range of commercial drainage services below. To speak to us directly, give us a call on 0800 526 488, or fill in our enquiry form.

For more information, check out our help and advice guide to common drainage issues affecting commercial properties, or our drainage installation best practice guide.

Rear view of van with a Lanes Group worker inside, and works barriers, cones and a pedestrians work sign outside

Drain blockages and cleaning

You can trust Lanes to tackle toilets, sinks, baths and blocked drains or sewers of any size. We will remove a one-off blockage or carry out regular cleans as part of a planned maintenance programme.

Lanes Group engineers operating a jet vacuumation tanker

Drain jetting

Our high-pressure jet vac units provide the most effective and comprehensive drain cleaning solution, pumping 96-gallons of continually-recycled water every minute.

A Lanes Group worker in high-visibility and hard hat setting up a CCTV survey camera

Drain inspection

Using advanced CCTV technology, we identify blockages and assess the structural integrity of your pipes. Our surveys include written reports, high quality images and recommendations for any repairs or maintenance.

The inside of a drain taken from above

Drain repair

From advanced renovation technologies (also known as no-dig or CIPP relining) through to traditional excavation, our experts will select the most appropriate drain repair method for you. Our services are comprehensive and cost effective.

Lanes Group workers operating CIPP/drain relining technology

Drain relining

Employing the most appropriate no-dig or CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) technology, we repair damaged drains, pipes and sewers with as little disruption as possible. Relining is convenient and often more cost effective than traditional methods.


Lanes Group engineers operating a jet vacuumation tanker on the road

Drain jet vacuumation

For emptying as well as cleaning, our jet vacuumation tankers make light work of gulley sucking, removing debris from drains, grease traps, soakaways, interceptors and septic tanks, freeing up sewer and drains like nothing else.

Oil draining through a drain interceptor

Drain interceptors

Drain interceptors or drain separators are the final line of defence in stopping contaminants from entering the drainage system. They are designed to capture chemicals and oil from domestic and industrial sites like production facilities, storage areas and car parks.

Engineer in pink high visibility vest

With a nationwide network of depots, we are never far away when you need us the most: no location is too isolated. And each Lanes' depot has similarly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable staff.

White Lanes Group truck alongside drainage engineers in high-visibility clothing and roadworks

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