Best Practice for Septic Tanks

A septic tank cover
A close up of a septic tank cover

Download our best practice Guide: Septic Tanks

When homes and buildings are off the beaten track and don’t have access to the sewerage network, they may have a septic tank. If you have one, it is your responsibility.

You must make sure that it functions properly, is regularly maintained and doesn’t cause pollution. Recent legislation means it is even more essential that you understand the following:

An unearthed septic tank
An unearthed septic tank
  1. The dos and don’ts of maintaining a healthy septic tank.
  2. The legal restrictions and regulations
  3. The new legislation (from January 2020) making it illegal for septic tanks to discharge directly to a watercourse

If it sounds complicated, do not worry. Managing your septic tank has never been easier, thanks to Lanes for Drains. Offering everything from to tank emptying, cleaning and installation as well as providing pre-planned maintenance contracts for septic tanks, Lanes is all you need to know! Simply call us free on 0800 526 488.

For more information about septic tanks, the legal implications and maintenance advice, just download a FREE copy of our Best Practice Guide to septic tanks below.

Download our best practice Guide: Septic Tanks