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Commercial property owners may find drainage problems a pain to deal with, yet, left unresolved, those problems could result in leaks, flooding, environmental contamination and structural damage.

Traditional repair involves digging up large sections of pipework, which may cause considerable disruption for a business. That’s why, here at Lanes, we use advanced ‘no-dig’ techniques as our default method for the repair and renovation of drains. No dig, also known as drain relining, lets us fix cracked or damaged pipes without having to break ground. It also addresses the immediate problem whilst reducing future maintenance in a way that’s both cost-effective and convenient.

As one of the leading providers of no-dig relining services, you can rely on Lanes to apply the very latest technology and most sophisticated equipment to get your drains back in optimal working order with minimal fuss. For a free quotation, call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form.

How does it work?

The relining process involves bonding a drain lining to the inner surface of the damaged pipe, creating a new pipe inside the old one. This works in vertical or horizontal pipes and can be applied to pipes as small as 100mm-diameter or as large as a 1,500mm-diameter culvert.

You can learn more about the specifics of the process by downloading our best practice guide to drain relining.

How much does drain relining cost?

Our drain pipe lining services are priced competitively, with each job scoped according to factors such as the condition and type of pipe, access, and so on. In each case, we ensure the cost is tailored to your organisation’s budget and practical needs.

How long will the replacement last?

We test our lining materials for a minimum of 1,000 hours to ensure that they meet the WRc’s 50-year design life criteria. However, since we also incorporate a x2 safety factor, the life expectancy of our liners is doubled to around 100 years. For further reassurance, our installations are independently verified by Exova to ensure the very highest standard of quality and performance.

Why choose Lanes?

As one of the earliest adopters of no-dig technology, we quickly became a leading commercial drain lining solutions provider in the UK, working closely with international manufacturers and industry bodies, and making use of innovative new materials and techniques whenever appropriate.

No two jobs are ever the same at Lanes, so we constantly invest in new technology to make sure we can comfortably take care of anything we are tasked with, while remaining a step ahead of the competition. This allows us to exceed clients’ expectations as a matter of course, including managing exacting applications: for instance in production facilities which require specially-formulated chemical-resistant liners to repel caustic cleaning materials, or food and drink manufacturing sites that need pipe liners to be totally odour-free.

These extras are all part of the Lanes’ service, thanks to our vast experience and huge investment in technology and people.

For a free quotation, call us on 0800 526 488 or use our online enquiry form.

If you’d rather speak to someone right away, call our 24/7 team on 0800 526 488.

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