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If you are dealing with problems in your home caused by a cracked or damaged drain, Lanes for Drains is here to help you. Our domestic drain repair and drain relining services are second to none, and will get everything working again for you as quickly as possible.

No matter how big or small the job might be, Lanes is on hand to find the very best solution. We handle drain repair jobs of any size using a range of innovative methods, from traditional excavations to advanced drain repair techniques like no-dig and pipe relining, which we use to fix troublesome drains without needing to break ground.

By hiring Lanes for your drain repairs, you will have peace of mind that your drains are in the hands of the experts. We will always choose the right solution for you, using the best technology available, and get your drainage pipes working perfectly with minimal disruption for you.

Get in touch with Lanes 24/7 to find out more about our domestic drain repair and drain relining services. Call today on 0800 526 488, or use our online enquiry form to arrange for us to call you back.

How we will help you

If your property has been affected by blocked drains or cracked pipes, it can lead to problems such as leaks, flooding, foul odours and serious structural damage in your home. At Lanes, our drain pipe repair and relining services can prevent these issues, without causing major disruption for you.

When you call Lanes, our expert engineers will be with you when they are needed, using advanced CCTV survey technology to scan the inside of your drains to look for any signs of damage, cracked pipes or collapsed drains. Using the high-resolution images our cameras provide, we will be able to recommend the best solution for your drain repairs.

No-dig relining is our go-to drain pipe repair method for repairing most defects, allowing us to fix the interior of your damaged pipe without needing to dig anything up. However, we also offer a wider range of repairs, including traditional excavation in cases where this is the only option, such as a completely collapsed drain.

Our drain repair services are comprehensive, and we tackle domestic projects of any scale: no task is too big or too small for Lanes. No matter what your requirements may be, we will plan, manage and provide drain repairs in a way that keeps disruption to a minimum and gets your drainage pipes back in perfect working order as quickly as possible, while ensuring that the drain repair cost is reasonable and tailored to your needs.

How does drain relining work?

For many homeowners, the idea of getting cracked drains repaired can be daunting, especially if you think it might involve digging up land around your property. Modern drain relining methods are the solution to this problem, allowing us to fix your damaged pipes and drainage systems without having to excavate.

What is no-dig drain relining?

Relining involves installing a resin drain lining that bonds to the inside of the existing pipe, which is then hardened using UV light or heat until it becomes sturdy and solid. This approach to drain patch repairs works like creating a new pipe inside the old one, and it has been proven to provide an effective way of repairing pipes of all sizes, ranging from 100mm to 1,500mm in diameter. For more information about our drain relining processes, take a look at our dedicated guide.

How long will the replacement last?

We test our lining materials for at least 1,000 hours to ensure that they meet the standards set out by industry regulators. Our relining work offers a 50-year design life, but thanks to our outstanding safety standards, our liners have a life expectancy of double that – nearly 100 years.

How do I know if my drain is in need of repair?

If you suspect that you potentially have a blocked or damaged drain that is in need of professional drain repair, you should look out for the following telltale signs:

  • Your sink, shower, bath and toilet may be draining slower than usual, or not at all
  • There is an unusual foul odour lingering in your home
  • You can hear gurgling sounds from your drains, plug holes, toilet flushes and pipes

All of these signs may indicate drainage problems, ranging from a blocked drain to cracked pipes, or even a fully collapsed drain. To learn more about how to tell when you have a problem, take a look at our guide to detecting signs of a blocked drain.

How much will the drain repair cost?

With Lanes, the cost of our drain pipe lining services will vary depending on the scope of the job, but will always be competitive. A number of factors will affect the overall drain repair costs, so you should call us to discuss your specific circumstances for a more precise idea of how much this will be.

Costs are typically calculated per square metre, but this will be affected by the diameter and type of the pipe, and the location and purpose of the pipe, which affect the resin used and the technique applied. The condition of pipes will also affect the relining and repair cost – it may be necessary to thoroughly clean the pipes with high-pressure water jetting to remove debris before relining, for example, while cracked drains will be easier to fix than a fully collapsed drain.

Beyond the cost of the drain relining itself, it may be necessary to carry out a survey on the pipes before undertaking any work. There are several ways that we can perform a survey, depending on how accessible the pipes are, but these services are also competitively priced, and relining pipes overall is much more cost-effective than replacing them if there is a problem in your drainage system.

Throughout the process, we will work with you to ensure that we only perform the work that is necessary, and that you understand and are happy with the drain repair costs before we begin.

Why choose Lanes?

No matter what kind of problem you have, you can rely on Lanes to find the best solution to your drain issues, and get your whole system back up and running in perfect working order as quickly as possible.

We are the UK’s leading privately-owned specialist drainage contractor, and were one of the first to offer no-dig drain repair in this country. For many years, we have been developing our techniques and investing in the very best technology for drain relining, working with the top manufacturers and industry bodies in our field.

As such, Lanes for Drains can offer an industry-leading drain repair service that prioritises your needs. With depots across the whole of the UK, we can be contacted 24/7, and will have a team of local engineers with you to quickly deal with any drainage-related problems you might have, providing great service at every step.

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