Non-Regulated Business


As of April 2017, over 1.2 million eligible businesses, industrial, commercial and SME enterprises will no longer be tied to water and wastewater service

providers based on location, instead being free to choose the supplier that best suits their business needs.

Using Open Water’s eligibility guide, you can find out whether these legislation changes apply to your business. If they do, you will see an immediate improvement in the prices that suppliers are able to offer, and therefore the

value for money that they are able to deliver.

Working with the UK’s biggest and best water suppliers, we offer our wastewater services as an additional benefit to their customers. Our partnerships with suppliers are anything but surface level, however, instead being truly collaborative arrangements, working closing with them to deliver a level of service perfectly suited to your business needs.

Lanes Group have been removing wastewater from people’s lives since 1992, and as such when it comes to non-regulated business like that described above, we not only deliver savings, but also efficiency and exceptional service through industry leading technology and an unwavering commitment to safety. We lead by example, giving the best possible advice to partners and customers in equal measure.

Wet Well Cleaning and Maintenance

Lanes offers a full planning and project management service to clean, inspect and maintain wet wells for a range of customers.  Disposing of the debris removed from the wet wells to registered disposal sites.  Heaviy duty suction jetvac units ensure that the job is completed efficiently.

Drain Services

Cleaning, clearing, repairing, jetting, vacuuming and relining drains with a 24-hour call out service for emergency cases.

Sewer Services

Clearing, repairing, renovating, rehabilitating and relining sewers of all diameters, types, sizes and locations.

Septic Tank Services

Emptying, installing and cleaning septic tanks, taking care of all paperwork and responsibly disposing of waste as a matter of course.

CCTV Surveys

Using the latest camera equipment and technology to record every intricate interior detail of a drain, sewer or manhole.

Pollution Control

Consulting services for organisations in pursuit of ISO4001 accreditation, or compliance with the Environment Agency’s PPG.

Waste Management

Removal and responsible disposal of all hazardous and non-hazardous waste from septic tanks, drains, sewers and many more locations.

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