Innovative Solutions


We are flag bearers in the use of the latest tools and technology, adopting them faster than any of our competitors, but never doing so for the sake of it – only ever making investments to save our customers time and money. This largely manifests itself through constantly improving customer service, and the least possible amount of disruption in any job that we undertake. 

Our innovation isn’t solely technological, however, optimising our overall efficiency through frequently refined internal systems and processes. Case in point, our ‘One Team’ approach to customer service, as well as our continued commitment co collaboration, transparency and accountability. 



With 700 vehicles and 215 specialist vehicles on our books, worth an estimated £96 million in total, our tools of the trade generally come in two forms: the first are more overt technological showpieces, like our remote control crawler survey cameras or laser-projecting profilers that determine pipe flow capacity. The second type are behind-the-scenes innovations that improve your experience of all Lanes departments without you ever having to see or interact with them yourselves – cloud-based telephone systems, app-based health and safety checklists, real time drainage asset management systems and so on. 

We were one of the first contractors to adopt ‘no-dig’ drainage and sewer repair technlogy, and have been members of the Future Water Association, UK Society for Trenchless Technology and Water Jetting Association for several years, all of which cement our status as one of being on the leading edge of drainage and sewerage technology.

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